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be so hard.


In this fast-paced world, Allen Campbell Kitchen offers the flavorful, masterfully-cooked menu and fast-casual convenience with the delicious, nourishing foods you deserve. 



From cozy dining to a freshly prepared meal, now you can can experience Allen Campbell's nourishing food to fuel your life! 


chef-driven menu

The creative chef-driven menu reflects the times, trends towards mindful living, and the significant shifts in our eating habits. 



Allen Campbell's food philosophy begins with one simple concept: whole foods are needed to support a healthy body, mind and spirit. 


the food philosophy of

Allen Campbell


Our Beliefs

Allen Campbell is widely known as the “chef of peak performance”. Through his culinary acumen, various publications, speaking engagements, consulting, and highly publicized work with athletes, actors and entertainers, he has revolutionized traditional culinary artistry by maximizing health benefits and sustainable practices. Allen Campbell Kitchen is Allen's mission to bring that experience and philosophy to the average person who finds this level of nutrition out of reach.


healthcare + food

Allen's efforts locally and nationally, are part of a much larger social effort to bridge the gap between healthcare and the food industry–merging the priorities of eating to live & eating for flavor.


no sacrificing taste 

AVAIL is focused on the further creation of sustainable, healthful foods that do not sacrifice the integrity, flavor, or traditions of cultures and cuisines. 


While sustainable, healthy foods are gaining more and more traction among consumers, the challenge is to keep this momentum going so that more Americans can benefit and support the movement.


food for the season

Allen's full spectrum of cooking styles focus on nutrient-dense, raw foods in the warmer months, and heartier dishes that nourish the body in the colder months.


december 2017

Every day at work I spend time worrying about what I will eat for lunch - quick and healthy options are few and far between. Allen's food is simple, delicious, and leaves me feeling satisfied and energized.

Customer—Allen Campbell Kitchen



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